The Design of SIS


Strategic Intelligence Solutions (SIS) was established in the West Indies of Jamaica during a business trip escorting a high profile client. Upon arrival at Montego Bay Airport, we called ahead to our destination where possible deterrents were assessed and strategized routes were finalized. Next, we expeditiously gathered the luggage and ushered the client from the steps of the aircraft to the pre-arranged security vehicle where we began our journey to the resort. After a seamless arrival, the client began to enjoy and experience all the elements of “paradise” behind a closed, guarded, locked gate. The environment we created in collaboration with the resort was a peace of perfection. Not a shoulder to look over, no possibility of threat, no worries at all. After a few wonderful days, the client wanted more; he wanted the opportunity to see, touch, taste, experience, explore and enjoy Jamaica like a native. Our client wanted to explore Jamaica’s real estate, look into their culture and learn about their top commodity: TOURISM.

He was smitten with Jamaica and was interested in investing some of his own capital into the country with the possibility of buying property and possibly creating a business that would stream money into the country. It was our professional advice that the client remain at the resort because clients of this caliber are typically targeted and often sabotaged in this area of high crime. This client was the driving force that pushed  the development of an International Security Regime that not only provided protection for traveling to and from a destination, but also strategize ahead of time a task force that would be omnipresent with the client as they explore the visiting country/region. It was our obligation to our client to service his needs and wants and assist him in following his passion for this new interest in Jamaica. The clients were able to travel the area because we had put together a team of security experts that were able to take them to Kingston, May Pen, Mandeville and Ocho Rios to name a few. We took the client to look at options of possible business ventures, all within the confines of our security entourage and coverage. What began as a leisurely trip of 5 days, turned into a four week leisure and business excursion that resulted in the client buying property in Jamaica and developing another resort area therefore increasing the profit for the country.

Our International Security allows regular individuals the opportunity to travel with ease to troubled high crime areas and areas with a high risk of threat. We have formulated Security Alliances in several areas including Nevis, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, etc. SIS has worked in over 30 countries throughout the world and we continue to expand our scope and services yearly.  Our staff at SIS ranges from an elite line of professionals in the areas of the military, and retired law enforcement officials who have worked for various local, state and federal agencies. Our vast lineage of experience and expertise is exemplified by the unique individuals focused on the success of every case, client, project, and/or business commitment, and their investigative and security expertise surpasses all others in the trade; we are proud to call them our SIS TEAM.