Team Members Profile

Dr. Jeffrey Cantor

Director of Domestic & International Security Operations | Protection

Dr. Jeff Cantor, is a world-renowned expert in both International and personal security, a kidnap & ransom response consultant, tactical team leader, mercenary operator, personal security detail operator, high risk environment tactical instructor, author of numerous books and papers, leadership coach and noted speaker.

Because of his unique skills and real world experience, he has worked for governments, corporations, organizations and private parties around the world assisting in a myriad of security objectives and low signature operations including hostage rescue, counter terrorism, private security detail operations, maritime anti-piracy and humanitarian efforts. He is a subject matter expert (SME) advisor to governments, agencies, corporations, organizations, and people in international security, risk and crisis management, kidnap & ransom, close and extreme close quarter integrated combat, low impact kinetics, escape & evasion, covert surveillance, personal security operations, tactical edged weapons and maritime defense.

He is the Founder / CEO of the TRS International Group, a private firm for defense consulting, global protection, threat assessment, security risk management, travel security and intelligence. He is also the President of Black Ops Defense Dynamics, a tactical, personal security and protection-training academy. Additionally, he is the CEO of Black Ops Leadership Training (BOLT), an organization that empowers business and sales leaders in mission ready performance through our black ops business edge and executive communication programs.

Clifton P. Cox


In 2003, Clifton P. Cox had a vision of creating a world-wide security and investigations company that focused on protecting our freedom. With his knowledge, background and over 20 years of combined experience in the security environments, investigations, security consulting and general public safety, Clifton’s vision came into existence. He’s the visionary and owner of Strategic Intelligence Solutions (S.I.S), and he has had the pleasure of honorably serving in the US Marine Corps.

Clifton is a multifaceted professional with a plethora of experience from various security environments. He’s specialized in Executive, VIP and Personal Protection, maintaining the highest confidential and ethical standards. His experiences in executive/close protection, investigation and security show his versatility and ability to work in multidisciplinary environments. Clifton attained Dignitary Protection Training Certification from ISA (Independent Security Advisors) which was hosted by Prince Georges County Maryland Police Training and Education Division (Accredited by the Maryland Police Training Commission). Also, Clifton obtained Executive/Close Protection Certification from TRS International Group (TRSIG).

Clifton focuses on the success of every event, project, and/or business commitment, and is an absolute extraordinary and valuable individual. With over 17 years of leadership and executive protection experience, Clifton has an incredible ability to handle difficult situations with diplomacy, and he perceives events and occurrences accurately; all while maintaining strict confidentiality of highly sensitive information and successfully getting the job done.  Clifton is a highly skilled professional and operator who is extremely familiar with removing opportunity from the risk environment while assessing and being proactive and reactive. He specializes in providing personal protection for CEO’s, corporate executives, VIPs, government officials, dignitaries, politicians, along with their families; celebrities, entertainment professionals, corporate events, conventions, domestic and international affairs to give you an idea of some of his expertise. In addition to his security related services, Clifton conducts investigations in areas such as Workers Compensation/Liability Fraud, Workplace Violence, EOE Investigation, Criminal Investigation, Matrimonial/Child Support Investigations and more.

In addition to Clifton's vast experience, he holds a Bachelor of Art Degree in Humanities and received the honorary title of Doctor of Humanities by the Anointed by God Ministries Alliance for recognition of his life experiences, and his dedication and contributions to building better communities.

Clifton's experience combined with his education has helped him become the mastermind behind SIS.

Clifton’s experiences have provided him with a high degree of skills in the areas of:

  • Security Operations
  • Executive / Dignitary Protection
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Crisis Management
  • Risk Assessment, Management / Mitigation
  • Counter / Covert Surveillance
  • Background Screening / Criminal Investigation
  • Workers Compensation & Liability Investigation
  • SIU Investigation
  • Organized Retail Theft Investigation
  • Security Consulting
  • High Threat Environment Training
  • Security Survey & Risk management
  • Interview & interrogation Training
  • Suicide Terrorism Training

Licenses & Certifications:

  • Utah, Virginia and Florida nonresident concealed weapons/handgun permits (to carry firearms in 36 states)
  • Maryland handgun concealed permit and security clearance certificate
  • TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Credential) from Homeland Security
  • First Aide/AED and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.) trained (Adult/Infant)
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens trained

Proficiently trained and considered an expert in:

  • Threat and Risk Assessment, Surveillance Awareness, Operational Planning, Safe Route Selection, Search Awareness (cars & hotel )
  • Tactical Mapping
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention trained
  • Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T)
  • Asset Protection and Loss Prevention trained
  • Proficient in hand-to-hand defensive tactics

Yaminah N. Graves

VP of Training & Business Development

Dr. Yaminah N. Graves is a dynamic organizational development professional with extraordinary relationship building skills. She has been responsible for helping SIS to achieve financial goals and objectives and increase operating performance. She communicates the company strategy to the executive management team and creates businesses assessments, while solving internal issues as they arise. She identifies ways to maximize revenue and exploring new opportunities for growth. As an avid coach and mentor for the SIS team, she attracts, retains and motivates the team. She improves the functioning of organizational strategies in the areas of marketing, training and development, and performance management. She conducts security related assessments and operational performance while training and implementing new procedures. She has been extremely successful in developing and facilitating cooperative relationships among employees and management through innovative process/program design, coaching and vibrant presentation skills.

Yaminah has a very unique blend of relationship building and training skills which focuses on the strengths of management and the employees to ultimately achieve results for the success of the organization and motivate and challenge the entire team to adapt new skills and change behaviors. Ensure highly productive relationships and partnerships for the benefit of the organization.

Yaminah sets the goals for SIS, monitors work, and evaluates results to ensure that departmental and organizational objectives and operating requirements are met and are in line with the needs and mission of SIS. Yaminah is very successful in working alongside community leaders, executive directors, major donors/funders and government officials. She nurtures, mentors and coaches our internal team and our networks of alliances to exchanges knowledge and information to promote change and growth within the organization.

Yaminah is a Licensed and ordained Chaplain and is active on many Board of Directors of various not for profit organizations. Yaminah holds a Master’s of Science degree in Organization Behavior with a concentration in Training and Development from Polytechnic University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University at Albany.

Jennifer Logan

Senior Director of Human Resources

Oversees all human resource functions including recruitment and staffing, benefits, classification and compensation, learning and development, employee relations and career services, payroll, information management, and leadership development, as well as all aspects of the personnel system.

Jennifer has over twenty years of experience in human resource management with extensive senior-level experience in corporate, entrepreneurial and consulting roles. Jennifer joined Sam's Club in November 2008, bringing a wealth of talent to the members-only warehouse operating segment that serves the needs of individual and small-business members. Through her experience, Jennifer has gained extensive experience with talent acquisition and development, employee relations, HR strategy, process improvement, driving operational effectiveness and change management.  Prior to relocating to Virginia, she served as the Market Human Resource Manager at Walmart Stores Inc., serving CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD and Northern VA. There she was responsible for leading and directing all aspects of human resources.  Prior to the Walmart Stores, she worked as an Executive Team Relations Leader with Target and Human Resource Manager with Lowes Home Improvement.

Jennifer is passionate about helping businesses make the most of their resources and talent and helping individuals make the most of their job search and developing core competencies. In addition to her accomplishments in HR/OD, Jennifer has also provided career transition services for more than 15 years through one-on-one coaching, group workshops and educational seminars at colleges/universities and nonprofit organizations.

Jennifer attended University of Maryland University College and studied Human Resources.  Jennifer holds a HR certification from Cornell University,Achieve Global certified trainer, Expert Trainer certification and IMAL Human Resource certifications.

Larry Schaefer

Director of International Business Development

Lawrence D. Schaefer's has extensive international and national experience in high risk and top secret security, personnel management, and protection.

Mr. Schaefer is currently employed by the U.S. Capitol Police, serving as a Communications Expert. He holds numerous certifications with the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), as well as in emergency management, incident management, emergency communications, continuity operations, exercise development, and facilitation. During his 29-year career he has participated in security operations for seven Presidential Inaugurations, fourteen Presidential State of the Unions, two Presidential Laying in State funerals, several conventions, head of state and VIP visits, and Congressional Gold Medal Ceremonies. His expertise includes:

  • Organized and implemented the first evacuation plan for the U.S. Capitol Building which evolved into the present day Capitol Campus Evacuation Program
  • First Vice-Chairman, liaison, and mediator to the U.S. Capitol Police Officers in several Union related issues
  • Created and implemented a state-wide Junior Leadership Program, including the supervision of a State-wide Multi-Team Training Program
  • Created and implemented a battalion-wide Physical Security Program, Safety Program, and Security Program for the Maryland Army National Guard (MDARNG)
  • Created, Implemented, and Commanded three new Tactical Quick Response Teams for deployment in response to state-wide critical incidents determined by the Governor
  • Oversee training and briefings for senior officers, high level dignitaries, and other VIP’s

As a personal business owner and entrepreneur, Mr. Schaefer was the CEO of the successful Koi Pond business for ten years, including the design, installation, and management of a number of commercial and residential custom-created water features and fountains, lights, plants, and imported Koi. His former clients included the Rotunda Condominium Complex in Tysons Corner, Virginia and the Sanderling Condominium Complex in Centerville, Virginia.

His capabilities also include working with several executive federal agencies to create a Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP), facilitating exercises to test various security plans and strategies, and reporting final evaluation summaries to the Executive Office by FEMA, participating in several National Public Safety Communications Interoperability Standards for organizations, organizational structure, humanitarian assistance, project development/management and marketplace training.

Jeanette Placeres

Director of Talent Management & Administration

Jeanette Placeres, Director of Talent Management, leads recruitment with a constant focus on acquiring talented professionals with a passion for the security and investigation industry.  Jeanette joins us with over 15 years of diverse experience in Human Resources, Training and Development, Career Services and Education.

Jeanette’s talent and love of challenges landed her a position as Director of Career Services for five locations within the Mid-Atlantic Region where she successfully built the department from the ground up.  Her continued success includes developing newly created positions, training manuals, procedures and policies, marketing material, recruitment bonus plans and relocation packages.

Jeanette holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Organizational Behavior with a concentration in Human Resources from Polytechnic University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.  Jeanette, the forever student, holds a second graduate degree where she graduated Suma Cum Laude from Johns Hopkins University with a Masters of Arts Degree in Elementary Education.