Travel Security | Caribbean

SIS | Strategic Intelligence Solutions offer a range of travel related services tailored to meet the various cultural, safety, logistical and security challenges of today’s business and recreational traveler. From planning and embarkation until you return safely, SIS’s personal consultants are there to support your every move so you are free to choose how to spend your time, knowing that we have you covered.

SIS was provides security consulting, security and investigative services and concierge services to our clients who travel to the Caribbean regions. Our consulting services range from executive/personal protection, risk assessments, travel briefings, asset protection, hotel security, customized security training, tactical training, just to name a few.

Tourism is one of our biggest security operations. SIS have partnered with the tourism and travel communities and the hotel management personnel to ensure travel safety and a healthy secure tourism market in Jamaica and the Caribbean. We work diligently with US law enforcement and government agencies while maintaining rooted relationships in the Caribbean to try to deter fraudulent criminal activities. We stay current and effective in addressing challenges that Caribbean Tourism faces, while actively searching for ways to curtail destructive, dangerous activity. As authorities in the safety, security and investigation arenas, we first look to try to educate the population to recognize dangerous activity, areas of crime, devious behavior, and possible fraudulent activities and we encourage them to avoid it. Next we focus on educating clients to report and foul play activity or deviant behavior even before involvement if possible or as soon as the victim realizes foul play, and report to the appropriate authorities. We try to involve even the residing Caribbean community to partake in protecting the tourism market by motivating them to assist us in our efforts to gather more information and report criminal behavior. It is very important for us to have our hand on the pulse of the activities of those threatening the safety and security of our clients and threatening the tourism market. Our involvement with the US Law enforcement and government agencies allows for satellite offices and Task forces to be positioned accordingly within many regions. We continue to search for more resources, educate the public, and strengthen our relationships in the Caribbean regions to increase our presence to ensure proper safety and security for our tourists.

SIS have the solutions to travel security in Jamaica. We provide personalized security services to tourist, and cater to executives wishing to travel. Our safety and security solutions provide piece of mind to our client travelers and also to the residing population because we minimize danger, decrease theft and create a safer environment for all. We utilize monitoring and notification systems to keep us informed in real time and for planning purposes for travel with our clients. Our years of experience and international consultancy experience assists us to provide you with the most current advice and assistance you need to respond to any situation at hand. We have the capabilities to provide you with a travel assessment before travel, provide you with executive protection during your travel, or provide you with advice and consultation service before and during your travel. Any travel program that you would need we are capable over developing to your specific needs for the region you would be visiting. Our desire is for you to enjoy the culture and diversity of the region you are visiting within a secure and safe environment.