Homeland Defense

SIS maintains a thriving relationship with all governmental agencies, federal, local, state and worldwide. We are committed to using our resources to identify and defeat threat in order to provide a safe and secured environment for the people of our nation. It is our goal at SIS to exercise our constitutional rights and end terrorist activity while securing the American people, our resources, our national treasures and borders. We will stretch our understanding to identify opportunities to better assist our government and our people against dangers of any sort threatening our well being.

At SIS, we represent the American people collectively and as diverse as we are, we honor America for its freedoms entrusted to us. Our success comes from taking a hands-on active approach to any situation, circumstance or emergency and responding efficiently and effectively to ensure a safe, secure environment for all. It is our desire to ensure Americans have the resources to protect themselves and those around them in any precarious situation. As we honor ourselves, our allies and partners, we embrace the responsibility entrusted to us while safeguarding America in the best possible way.