At SIS, we are continuously seeking out talented individuals with unique qualities, knowledge, expertise and experience as we expand our scope, products and services. Our vast lineage of experience and expertise at SIS is exemplified by the unique individuals focused on the success of every case, project and/or business commitment at hand.

Would YOU like to be a part of that lineage? Would you like to be a part of the SIS Team? We are dedicated to professionalism, punctuality and delivering extraordinary security and safety solutions without jeopardizing the integrity of our client or the environment we are in. What unique talents and skills do you have to share that can be helpful in the growth of SIS?

At SIS, our stringent company standards for employment allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality security team, investigation team, consulting team and management team in the industry. The mission, vision and values of Strategic Intelligence Solutions are evident in each individual hired by the SIS family. We have been extremely successful with our efforts in recruiting, employing and retaining qualified individuals to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering extraordinary security and investigative services.  We are seeking creative thinking, intelligent and ambitious individuals who think “outside of the box.” If you are intrigued by the field of Security, Executive/Close Protection, Investigation, Management, Tactical Training and Retail Loss Prevention and you are detail oriented and love problem solving, then please consider an opportunity at SIS. We are interested in hearing from you and we will assess your skill set and talents against our organizational needs. Please submit your resume via our resume submission portal by clicking HERE.

The Ideal Candidate

Minimum requirements for all applicants for security positions are as follows: Education, Licenses, Experiences, Professionalism and Certifications Required

  • MUST possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • MUST have a valid state Handgun Permit for armed positions and at least 3 years of verified armed security, law enforcement or military or a combination of both experience, at the time of application, no exceptions
  • MUST possess a valid Security Guard License/Certificate at the time of application, no exceptions 
  • MUST have at least 3 year of security experience for unarmed positions
  • MUST be able to pass any State-required training or other qualifications for licensing
  • MUST have a valid driver’s at the time of application, applicants with six demerits or more are ineligible and a minimum of 3 years driving history with good/clean driving history, pass all State required training, test or other qualifications for licensing to drive a company-owned or client-provided vehicle


Other Qualifications

  • MUST be at least 21 years old or the minimum are required by the State
  • MUST be a United States Citizen or valid Immigration and Naturalization Service Employment Eligibility Documentation.
  • MUST be a US Citizens for most or all federal government contracts 
  • MUST be ability to work flexible schedules and have own reliable means of transportation
  • MUST have own transportation, mobile phone and have access to direct e-mail for scheduling purposes
  • MUST be of good moral character
  • NO felony convictions, arrests or other law enforcement interaction involving perjury, false statements, domestic violence or criminal traffic offenses will be thoroughly reviewed and may be grounds for disqualification
  • Have not been involved in any acts of dishonesty, or acts against a governmental authority
  • Have not been declared by any court to be incompetent by reason of mental disease or defect that has not been removed or expunged
  • MUST pass a physical exam, extensive background check, including criminal history, personal references, education and employment verification, Department of Motor Vehicle and credit checks, if applicable

Experience & Skills Required

  • Ability to handle difficult situations with diplomacy
  • Ability to perceive situations accurately
  • Ability to maintain a fair, consistent set of standards, using judgment and discretion
  • Ability to maintain records and documentation
  • Ability to interact cordially and communicate with the public (and speak the English language fluently)
  • Ability to operate two way radio, telephone equipment e-mail and/or CCTV system
  • Ability to read, understand, and apply printed rules, detailed orders, instructions, and training materials
  • Ability to perform well and maintain a professional demeanor under stress; communicate effectively and clearly verbally and in-writing; adhere to the ethics of security professional; deal with a variety of people; prepare clear and concise written reports; work independently; observe, retain, and recall information; apply security knowledge; obtain detailed information; exceptional customer services; self-motivated requiring minimal supervision and excellent grammar
  • Ability to use self-defense and other security survival techniques; safely operating weapons, security vehicles, and communications equipment; and administering emergency care in accordance with accepted practices and protocols.

Preferred Qualifications Are

  • Law enforcement, military, armed/unarmed security and/or license private investigator experience
  • Service in the Military Forces, Military Police or combat arms; must provide a DD214 discharge document with honorable or under honorable condition discharge status indicated, if applicable
  • Graduate of Law Enforcement/Corrections Academy
  • Associate Degree or higher in Criminal Justice, Criminology, Forensic, Security Management or security related studies

Prior to being hired, all candidates:

  • MUST agree to and pass an extensive background check, including criminal history, personal references, employment and education verification, and DMV and credit checks, if applicable
  • MUST not have been convicted of any felony or serious misdemeanor
  • MUST agree to and participate in a drug screening and pass (except when undergoing documented medical treatment). ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ILLIGAL DRUG USAGE
  • MUST successfully complete all required training or testing
  • MUST pass a Psychological and Reliability Assessment Test, upon acceptance of a job offer
  • MUST meet minimum requirements for SIS annual Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and MUST agree to, participate and pass the PFT, as required
  • Hearing MUST comply with medical standards
  • Applicant’s vision MUST meet State Driver’s License requirements
  • All candidates must have binocular vision. Corrected vision shall be at least 20/30 in the weaker eye and shall be for both eyes together. The uncorrected standard shall not be worse than 20/100
  • Applicants will be required to successfully complete a Body Art/Tattoo & Body Alteration screening process during the application process. Cannot have tattoos that are visible to the public while wearing the standard uniform of the day or Class A uniform (long sleeve)
  • Incumbents shall not use any tobacco products on or off duty starting at the time of appointment. The incumbent  MUST be willing to sign a Condition of Employment Agreement acknowledging the prohibition of the use of tobacco products both on or off duty, no exceptions
  • Random testing ensures that our employees are always 100-percent drug and nicotine free). SIS is a smoke/nicotine free employer. Our efforts is to improve the overall health of our workforce while reducing health care benefit costs
  • MUST own and can operate any of the Glock Semiautomatic Handgun model Gen4: 22, 23, 17 or 19, only for Armed Position; proficiency in the use and safe handling
  • MUST agreed and participate in SIS handgun training program, only for Armed Position
  • MUST be able to work an irregular schedule, evenings, weekends or holidays as needed, additional hours during peak times or as required
  • ABILITY to obtain certification in Defensive Tactics (OC Spray, Handcuffing & Baton) CPR/AED First Aid
  • MUST submit a complete SIS Employment Application, with original documents; State Valid Security Guard Certificate/License, Valid Firearm Handgun Permit, Social Security Card, Certified Birth Certificate, Valid Driver’s License, Certified Copy of MVA/DMV 5 years driving abstract, Original HS Diploma and the completed Physical Fitness Test (PFT) form. NOTE: If applying for DC/MD Armed Special Police positions, you MUST be certified and current. In addition, certified in the areas: OC Spray, Baton, AED/CPR Certified and Handcuffing.


Must be free from any physical, emotional or mental condition which would adversely affect job performance; have physical strength necessary for applying physical force upon an individual such that the individual is controlled; and have sufficient eye-hand coordination, strength, and dexterity to use security weapons.


  • CONVICTION of a felony or other serious crime. Being a convicted felon – As convicted felons cannot carry guns in most cases, it is hard for SIS to offer employment for any armed position or provide you with a firearm or require you to buy one when its illegal for you to have one! In addition, domestic violence reports or arrest are a DQ.
  • MISDEMEANORS that involve perjury or false statements – It’s hard to let you swear to tell the truth in court when you have already lied.
  • DISHONORABLE discharges from the military, if applicable.
  • BAD DRIVING RECORD – Ex: speeding, reckless or careless driving, or other tickets that show disregard for safety and suspension.
  • CREDIT HISTORY – If you have bad credit (really bad, bankruptcies, or loads of outstanding debt). You may at times in this job find yourself handling large sums of cash and being in debt makes you a liability when doing that.
  • REFUSAL to submit to a pre-employment medical examination and urinalysis drug test.
  • USE OF MARIJUANA within two years from the date of application for employment.
  • USE OF ANY OTHER ILLEGAL DRUGS, including misuse of prescription drugs.
  • Possessed, with the intent to sell and deliver any illegal drug at any time in your life.
  • Engaged in the unauthorized use of any illegal drug while employed in a position of public trust (e.g., a sworn law enforcement officer, security officer, etc.).
  • Mis-stated, or falsely stated any information, in writing or orally, during the course of the application process.
  • Failure to meet any of the minimum requirements and/or standards for security officers, private investigator, protection agent or supervisory positions as mandated by Strategic Intelligence Solutions LLC.

PLEASE see SIS Noticed for detailed information about our Physical Fitness Test

Preliminary Fitness/Physical Agility Test: The physical fitness test will consist of the following components: vertical jump, sit-ups, push-ups, 1.5 mile run, a 300 meter run and Trigger Squeeze and Slide Pull measures hand strength. The minimum acceptable scores for each component have been determined from the universally accepted Cooper Institute standards for public safety employees. These minimum acceptable passing scores fall well within averages of previous physical fitness testing conducted by SIS. Each component will be demonstrated prior to administration. You must receive a minimum passing score in each category to successfully pass this physical fitness test.

Vertical Jump: The minimum passing score for this component is 15 inches for all applicants. Each applicant will be allowed three attempts.

1 Minute Sit-up: The minimum passing score for this component is 28 sit-ups in one minute for all applicants.

1 minute Push-up: The minimum passing score for this component is 25 continuous push-ups in one minute for all applicants. Modified push-ups are not allowed.

1.5 mile run: The minimum passing score for this component is 15:55 minutes for all applicants.

300 Meter Run: The minimum passing score for this component is 65 seconds for all applicants.

Trigger Squeeze and Slide Pull: (measures hand strength). Trigger Squeeze is measured in seconds for strong and weak hands (45 seconds per hand with a minimum of 30 squeezes for the strong hand and 20 squeezes for the weak hand). The Slide Pull minimum is five pulls in 20 seconds. Scoring is the same for males and females of all ages.

Male, Disabled/Veterans, Women, Minorities, Individuals with Disabilities, and Veterans are encouraged to apply


STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS LLC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and an Alcohol-and Drug-Free Workplace. Male, Disabled/Veterans, Women, Minorities, Individuals with Disabilities, and Veterans are encouraged to apply.