Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Security risk assessment analyzes the controls, time, energy, money and efforts put forth to identify, eliminate and prevent risk in an organization. At SIS we implore a comprehensive planning approach that addresses physical security, information security and operational security. Ultimately we address the level of risk as it pertains to the damages that occur when confidential data has been exposed, hacked, or violated in anyway. The lack of attention to safeguarding confidential data can result in extensive losses of suppliers, alliances, and customers, and possibly permanent damage to the operations of the organization. It is of dire importance to assess the risk and vulnerabilities and identify weaknesses in order to adopt passive and active measures to safeguard the organization. SIS encompasses a series of processes, procedures, methods, and ideologies to improve an organization’s security by deterring, eliminating and mitigating potential threats and risk. Our systems and technology are successful in reporting and reacting against threat. We are very effective in protecting the integrity of information at an organization and ensuring confidentiality at all costs. Once risks and vulnerabilities are assessed, we create policies and procedures and systems that help to establish controls and a standard of security to be followed and upheld. Our SIS professionals train your security staff to adopt and enforce security procedures that ultimately guarantee a safer environment. As part of our comprehensive services and our mitigation initiatives, we create the security plans, implement the security plans and update the security plans periodically to ensure they are still meeting the organization’s objectives.