Tactical Countermeasures

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  • Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival
  • Business Capabilities Kit
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Executive Communication-The Art of Reading, Influencing, Predicting and Engaging Others Like A Spy
  • Combat Tactical Folding Knife
  • Executive Security Training
  • Travel Security Awareness


  • Close / Dignitary Protection
  • Tactical Edged Weapon Defense for Law Enforcement
  • Undercover Agent Survival For Law Enforcement


  • Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival
  • Assassination, Execution, Murder & Hostage Survival
  • Black Ops Escape & Evasion
  • C.R.A.S.H
  • Combat Tactical Folding Knife
  • Executive Security Training
  • High Risk Weapon Countermeasures
  • Immediate Vehicle Oriented Combat
  • Stalking-Assault-Rape-Murder Survival for Women
  • Tactical Edged Weapons
  • Travel Security Awareness

Stalking-Assault-Rape-Murder Survival for Women | Avoid Becoming a Victim 
This is the only course of its kind! The Women’s SARM (Stalking-Assault-Rape-Murder) Survival Course is a dynamic highly specialized program for any woman or teenage girl that is concerned about their personal safety. For parents of high school or college girls this is exactly the training workshop that you want your daughter to undergo for safety and peace of mind. To better protect yourself from dangerous people, you need the tools to recognize, avoid, evade, escape and counter dangerous situations. The Women’s SARM Survival Course empowers you with the skills that can help you survive and win!

High Risk Weapon Countermeasures | This is a Hands-On Live Training Experience!
The High Risk Weapon Countermeasures Training Workshop is an in-depth overview of tactics, techniques and procedures that can be executed in the event you are assaulted, raped, car jacked, home invasion and or confronted with an attacker employing a handgun, knife or impact weapon or if you work or travel in low to high risk environments or locations.
The main premise of the workshop is to accelerate the participant’s level and skills for surviving and prevailing violence involving weapons.

Travel Security Awareness | Don’t Take Your Travel Security For Granted!
It is clear that we live in an increasingly dangerous world. More worrying and concern is the speed with which events can move from total calm to complete chaos as has been demonstrated time and time again by current events.
The importance of travel security awareness cannot be overstated. Families looking to go on vacation need to prepare for expected and unexpected challenges. Business travelers need to understand the risks and security issues while traveling domestically and abroad. Mitigating risk begins before you travel and continues throughout with planning and preparedness. This program highlights key areas of concern and emphasizes a cultured approach to travel security for business or family travel.

Assassination, Execution, Murder & Hostage Survival | Avoid Becoming a Victim
This is a highly specialized seminar for anyone that is worried about their personal safety or people that work in industries or jobs that subject them to potential risk concerns such as law enforcement, military personnel, federal agents, security personnel, corporate employees and people that travel domestically and abroad, can greatly benefit from this seminar.

Tactical Edge Weapon Defense for Law Enforcement | Realistic Training For Real World Application
This is a comprehensive course designed specifically for law enforcement to prepare them with the tactics, techniques and procedures for the realities of dealing with an edged weapon attack and to address the emerging threat of an active hostile with a knife or other edged weapon. The likelihood of the officer or agent encountering a folding, fixed or improvised edged weapon during a call or a critical incident is a very real possibility. Attacks with knives and other edged weapons are the most underestimated lethal force threat within the police officer’s environment. Knife attacks and encounters in the streets are violent and unpredictable, there are threats directed against officers and agents and there are second party threats involving civilians that must be addressed. Couple that with the cannibalistic stress that can accompany such immediate threats and without proper training, you have a recipe for disaster. Our approach to edged weapon defense encompasses building skill sets based on stress inoculation producing success and officer confidence, which enables the officer to employ correct tactics at the correct time for enhanced survivability while following legal and SOP guidelines to minimize department or agency liability.

Undercover Agent Survival for Law Enforcement | Prepare To Survive Worst-Case Scenarios
Working undercover is stressful enough but if things go south or your back up team is minutes away and your life is on the line at that moment, you had better have the knowledge and skills to save your life in a worst-case scenario. Every second counts when you are facing the wrong end of a gun or knife or you are duct taped and thrown into the trunk of a vehicle as you are being moved to a secondary crime scene where they will execute you or torture you first and then kill you. This is about as politically incorrect as we get when it comes to training for worst-case situations. This is a unique program to enhance officer or agent survivability in worst-case scenarios and it is divided into modules.

Close Quarters Situational Defense | This course includes aspects of core tactical combative and is conducted with an operational and situational focus with and without full kit. It is highly specialized in that it purposefully exposes the student to stressful situations to teach them to react successfully. Historically tactical mistakes made in combat, typically boil down to “fear” and “panic”. This course strives to pressure test the participants to help them learn to control these impulses that have their foundation in neuroscience.

Learning to control those impulses and tendencies is critical in your ability to act quickly. Correct physical and neurological training teaches you orientating responses and sets up behavioral chains that reinforce correct response.
Tactics, Techniques and Procedures including rules of engagement, use-of-force continuum and deadly force guidelines are reviewed and drilled. The course of instruction will incorporate the tactical employment of combative techniques while teaching students how to adapt to different scenarios. We use the crawl, walk, run combative training methodology for the program, which ensures a high skill level throughout the group or team and minimizes the risk of training injuries.

Extreme Close Quarters Integrated Combat | Inside the Sterile Zone 0′ to 6′
This course is for law enforcement officers and agents and military personnel. It will allow you to confidently integrate your hand-to-hand and weapon skills in extreme close quarter engagements. The program is specific for 0′ to 6′ contact. You will learn when a firearm response is tactically realistic and when it is not, and how to deploy your weapon under duress at extreme close quarters to engage a hostile. We will also cover how to effectively deal with transitioning from empty hand to handgun and multiple target objectives in hostile environments. This is a seamless coordinated tactical system that is derived and proven in real life enemy engagements at these distances. This program will also cover unorthodox tactics where the only rule is to survive and prevail!

The “Sterile Zone” is 0′ to 6′ from the officer, agent or soldier. It is considered to be extremely dangerous as this is the space in which time is absolutely critical to survival. When dealing with a committed assailant or hostile, there must be more than an academic method to tactically deal with this type of lethal force threat. Black Ops Defense Dynamics offers this unique opportunity because the sterile zone requires advanced training, a clear understanding and demonstrable core competencies, and the combat mindset to win and get home safe.

Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival | Avoid Becoming a Victim
Have you ever stopped to think of what would happen if you or your family were kidnapped? Are you among the majority that mistakenly believes that they are safe? As people continue to travel and have a more global dimension and businesses expand operations internationally, the protection of your family, yourself, staff and employees must be carefully analyzed and considered. With Kidnapping and extortion at epidemic proportions, your risk is greater than ever. The Black Ops Defense Dynamics Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival Training Workshop prepares you for worst case-scenarios when the unthinkable happens. The world today is filled with all sorts of criminals, kooks and religious extremist ideologues. They will snatch you for ransom or, to make a religious or political statement at the earliest opportunity. Even American suburbia, with its neatly manicured lawns is not safe. When the bad guys decide to come for you, only preparedness, training and an iron will to survive can save you from certain death.

To say that a kidnap has serious consequences is to make an understatement. For those affected and their families, it is extremely traumatic and emotionally draining. There are also financial consequences that include but are not limited to ransom negotiation fees, ransom payments, lawsuits, bad publicity, reputation damage and significant business interruption for corporations and business.

Black Ops Escape & Evasion | Avoid Becoming a Victim Learn to protect yourself and your family. Discover the skills to escape from handcuffs, ropes, zip ties and duct tape. Learn the secrets of surviving violence from a real world international security expert and kidnap & ransom consultant.

Would you know what to do in a worst case scenario event? What if you are kidnapped or your home was invaded and your life depended on your escape, could you do it? What happens if you escape from being held hostage or captive and now the people that had you are hunting you, could you evade them? This program is an intense look at how to survive when the odds are against you.

This is a totally integrated personal protection system that is simple and highly effective for real life confrontations. When you are faced with a violent situation, you need to be able to act quickly and without hesitation if you are going to survive. C.R.A.S.H. is a special hand-to-hand combat system developed for the special operations and law enforcement community and is the same training we have given soldiers, law enforcement and defense contractors around the globe.

Immediate Vehicle Oriented Combat | The program is designed to teach you the essential techniques and concepts of surviving and winning against violent attacks and hostile contact in and around vehicles. These are real world highly effective tactics that teach you how to turn a very bad situation into winning! The tactics, techniques and procedures we are going to review in the Immediate Vehicle Oriented Combat Course can be employed to defeat a car jacking, potential kidnapping or if you are the target of a hostile surveillance that escalates and they decide to grab you up. For people that travel both domestically and internationally this program is an absolute must! The idea is to address the type of violence and potentially violent attacks that occur in and around vehicles, parking lots and garages and other areas where confined space will be the environment in which you will need to operate, survive and win! This is a hands-on practical course in immediate vehicle oriented combat that is open to the public.

Please note this is NOT a martial art or self-defense program. It is a no-nonsense dynamic training program that we have taught to government agents, law enforcement and military personnel, security professionals and civilians around the globe that is designed to accelerate your level and skill for surviving and prevailing in threatening, dangerous or hostile situations in and around a vehicle.

Tactical Pen Workshop | The Emergency Safety Option
We understand that not everyone is a defense expert, police officer or special operations solider and so we developed this program with the idea that anyone can carry and employ a tactical pen. The Tactical Pen is a fantastic less than lethal force option for concerned citizens, women, executives, professionals, law enforcement and security professionals, that allows you to move through a force continuum, so basically moving from one level of force up the scale to a more aggressive level of force.

The tactical pen can be carried everywhere you go. It is both legal and unassuming. It is simple to use and is a great defensive tool alternative if you get into a jam. We live in uncertain times and having this simple, yet highly effective tool with you serves several purposes from defense to breaking glass to writing a note. The tactical pen gives you options in cases where the situation calls for a progressive approach.

Executive Security Training | Real World Covert Operations Training
For Executives and Professionals! This is a highly specialized and comprehensive program in which we train executives how to avoid and deal with dangerous situations while in the course of their daily life, schedule and travel. We show executives how to reduce risk and minimize their chances of being victimized by enhancing their security awareness and by acting immediately in crisis situations. The Executive Security Training Program imparts strong comprehensive personal security and protection concepts and skills. It is based on the same principles utilized by special operations groups. These are serious strategic skill sets for real-world survival and defensive abilities. Black Ops Defense Dynamics train’s executives and corporate groups and teams to implement security measures, recognize perceived and immediate security threats and react if confronted with a dangerous situation and operate after a crisis has occurred. These newly learned skill sets could make the critical difference in the ability to save your own life, associate, family or friend! This comprehensive executive security-training program is an exclusive course designed for the busy executive, family or professional that would like to develop the skills and thinking necessary to survive and overcome threatening or violent situations in today’s unforgiving world.

The Executive Security Training Program offers relevant, results-oriented objectives to facilitate active responsive learning and to empower you to effectively approach situations that are threatening and or dangerous with high confidence.

Business Capabilities Kit “The Business Capabilities Kit Contains All the Information That a Business “Operator” Needs to Perform, Execute and Succeed in Business” The business capabilities kit is business 101. The workshop is open to business owners, executives, professionals and managers. To succeed in today’s business environment, the business operator needs a competitive edge. They need a process that can be learned, taught and repeated for any business. A business process that is a continuous improvement model that will succeed in any economic environment. If you were in black ops, your capabilities kit might include cash, sterile SIM cards, cell phones, lock picking tools, a small trauma kit, zip ties, a laser designator strobe, weapons and more.
Business is war and the current nature of business demands a high level of planning and execution. Here your capabilities kit will emphasize the seven steps to effective mission planning, how to lead your company, how to set SMART goals and how to brief your team to dynamically execute. We teach you how to implement these BOLT key asset technologies to help your organization or business increase performance and drive successful results.

Executive Communication-The Art of Reading, Influencing, Predicting and Engaging Others Like A Spy Empower Yourself Now and Learn To Use Executive Communication As A Tactical Tool To Dominate And Control Business And Your Life! The business world can be a hostile environment; this workshop delivers powerful tools and tips that can help you act clearly and decisively in any situation…not only to survive, but also to thrive in that war zone we call business. For sales teams, rapidly determine deception and truths to win over competitors and gain a vantage point to close the deal. The art of reading, influencing, predicting and engaging others like a spy will help you navigate professional and personal challenges while removing doubt from your business and personal life. Jeff shows you how to detect deception, sharpen your observation skills, gain the upper hand in a business negotiation or interview, strengthen business and personal relationships and excel in delivering extraordinary results as a leader.